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Cordoba Builders

Cordoba Builders, the flagship company of Cordoba Group has emerged as a leader in the Land development business in a short span. Cordoba builders are an emerging construction company incorporated that enables you to live in a high class lifestyle with our innovative construction ideas. We work to the highest possible standards and delivers on time and on budget. QbQ (Quality beyond Quantity) is Cordoba’s motto.

Cordoba builders is known as one of the most leading and specialized building contractors offering design maintenance, repair, and construction of residential complexes in and around Kerala. Our company has worked to develop and deliver residential facilities that are built on par with the finest standards. Through our perseverance and expertise, we have regularly set new quality standards in order to offer customers the perfect match to their requirements. We ensure that we provide residential complexes that are developed to suit the diverse requirements of the modern lifestyles.

Cordoba Builders are committed to help profitable decisions relating to buying, selling, renting and leasing of Building in India and key global geographies. With our ethos deep rooted, we have turned to be the torch bearers in new dimensions of real estate development in the state of Kerala and are swiftly exploring the endless aspects of residential and commercial edifices in South India.